Here you'll find examples of my work for various news outlets, including the BBC, CNN, PBS, The New York Times, TIME, Al Jazeera, China Central Television and others. Click on "older posts" at the bottom of this page for more videos.
  • Dogs being smuggled in cages

    Thailand’s dog skin trade

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  • Gill Dalley sterilizing a dog

    The woman who lost her legs to save a dog

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  • Monarch butterfly migration under threat

    Monarch butterfly migration under threat

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  • Femicide in Cuidad Juarez

    Killing of women in Mexico

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  • Africa starts to plant wall of trees across the Sahel to stop spread of Sahara desert

    Great Green Wall of Africa

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  • Mental asylum in the desert

    Mental asylum in the desert

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  • Senegal farmers' debt trap

    Senegal farmers’ debt trap

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  • Ross Velton, G20 summit, Los Cabos, Mexico

    Live from the G20 summit, Los Cabos, Mexico

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  • Haitians in Dominican Republic returning home

    Haitians going home

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  • Women learning to write their names in Duchity, Haiti

    Adult literacy in Haiti

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