Self-shot and -edited reports

Ross Velton filming Haiti election

Love, Hope and Leprosy – A forgotten generation of leprosy sufferers finds sanctuary at a 300-year-old hospital in Sri Lanka. A film by Ross Velton for MOSAIC

Sri Lankan monk champions idea that donating body parts after death creates good karma for next life – BBC

The remarkable story of a woman in Thailand who suffered a great loss to rescue an animal – BBC

The monarch butterflies’ winter migration from the US and Canada to Mexico is under threat – PBS NEWSHOUR

Police are increasing efforts to stop Thailand’s trade in dog skin – THE NEW YORK TIMES

Africa starts an ambitious project to plant a wall of trees across the continent to stop desertification – TIME

Old women in the Haitian countryside learn how to write their names – CCTV AMERICA

Child trafficking in Haiti increases in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake – AL JAZEERA

Debt threatens the livelihoods of Senegal’s small-scale farmers – GLOBALPOST

In the poorest parts of the Dominican Republic, HIV rates are among the highest in Latin America – CCTV AMERICA

Dominicans of Haitian descent left ‘stateless’ in the Dominican Republic – AL JAZEERA

Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are going back to Haiti for a ‘better’ life – CNN

Haiti offers free schooling to thousands of children – AL JAZEERA

In a Haitian town, artists honour earthquake dead with ‘rubble art’ – VOICE OF AMERICA

Ross Velton filming at a school in the Dominican Republic


A branding campaign is trying to improve Haiti’s image in an effort to attract tourists – CNN

United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti accused of sexually assaulting a young Haitian man – AL JAZEERA

Should the UN leave Haiti? – AL JAZEERA

Turning human waste into fuel in Port-au-Prince – GLOBALPOST

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