News reports

Ross Velton doing a story in the sugar cane plantations of the Dominican Republic

Many have disappeared during Mexico’s drug war in mysterious and suspicious circumstances – CCTV AMERICA

Mexico drinks the most bottled water per person in the world – CCTV AMERICA

Child trafficking in Haiti increases in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake – AL JAZEERA

Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are going back to Haiti for a ‘better’ life – CNN

Haiti offers free schooling to thousands of children – AL JAZEERA

In a Haitian town, artists honour earthquake dead with ‘rubble art’ – VOICE OF AMERICA

A branding campaign is trying to improve Haiti’s image in an effort to attract tourists – CNN

Sugar cane cutter in the Dominican Republic

United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti accused of sexually assaulting a young Haitian man – AL JAZEERA

Should the UN leave Haiti? – AL JAZEERA

Turning human waste into fuel in Port-au-Prince GLOBALPOST

Dominicans of Haitian descent left ‘stateless’ in the Dominican Republic – AL JAZEERA

Outbreak of bird flu in the Mexican state of Jalisco – CCTV AMERICA


Tijuana drug violence decreases – CCTV AMERICA

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